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Stop Making These 5 Major Staff Management Mistakes

You’re probably making at least one of these major management mistakes. Here’s how to avoid them.

employee engagement

Top Ideas To Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week and Engage Your Staff

The top ideas to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week and engage your staff. It’s time to celebrate your greatest...

employee management

10 ‘The Office’ memes that all managers will find hilarious and way-too-real

You’ll find it hard not to laugh — and relate — to these 10 too-true staffing and scheduling memes from ‘The Office’.

employee ghosting

5 Tips On How To Prevent Staff From Ghosting Shifts

When working with temporary or hourly staff, one of the biggest headaches managers have to deal with is employees who...

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Get Inspired: Women Dominating the Event Industry

Like many other career paths, the event industry has been, for a long time, a male-dominated scene. Where are all the...


Raise the Bar on Your Event Business

As a busy caterer or event management professional you have three major responsibilities in regards to staff: