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event staffing

Event Staff Job Description & Template

The critical components of event staff job description and requirements. Use our event staff description template.

business tips

Confessions of a Catering Company: Success 101

While we’ve built our business on these strong foundations, we’ve learned some fundamental points throughout the years...

catering tips

How To Answer The Top 10 Catering Interview Questions

So you’re applying for a job in the catering industry, are you? Here are the top 10 catering interview questions - and...

employee management

10 ‘The Office’ memes that all managers will find hilarious and way-too-real

You’ll find it hard not to laugh — and relate — to these 10 too-true staffing and scheduling memes from ‘The Office’.

employee time tracking

Is It Time To Go Back To The Time Clock?

Should companies be required to track their employees’ working hours? A recent ruling by the EU’s top court has decided...

business tips

How To Start a Staffing Agency — And Stay Alive

Let’s start with 5 must-know facts about temp staffing agencies - read more:

app for catering and events

Platform For SaaS Reviews Honors Ubeya With Rising Star Award For Time Management Software

FinancesOnline reviews Ubeya's staff management software and mobile app for hourly employees. Here are the highlights...


Ubeya Highlights from Catersource 2019

Another unforgettable Catersource experience has exceeded our expectations and left our palates craving more - here's...

employee ghosting

5 Tips On How To Prevent Staff From Ghosting Shifts

When working with temporary or hourly staff, one of the biggest headaches managers have to deal with is employees who...