“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Behind every great accomplishment comes a great team. The events based businesses are no exceptions to the rule. The goal of the business is to cater a great event with high quality meals and excellent service to the guests, while saving costs and making sure the operation can make a profit. This goal can only be achieved with the help of a cooperative and dedicated team. Just as a basketball team only succeeds when the players form a cohesive group, so too does a caterer when the staff forms a successful team.

The basis of a good team revolves around human relationships. The people working together need to know one another and work around a common goal. In fact, team work is known to be more efficient than individual work, and the results of teamwork are a lot greater than the sum of the individual deeds. While the responsibilities of each member individually may be the same as they would be without the existence of a ‘team’, the feeling of cohesiveness allows for better overall results and a better work experience for all.

Working in an events based business, may it be a caterer or a venue, requires even more sportsmanship than other businesses. The staff needs to know their duties, keep a smiling face, energetic attitude, and at the same time be able to jump for help to their coworkers when necessary. This type of work is only possible with a well organized team. Seeing how your staff responds to stress is a great indicator of the strength of a team. Good teams hold together when times are difficult.

By creating an engaged and cohesive work culture, events managers have seen drastic improvement in the attitudes of their staff while on the job. The research shows that most millennials dislike inflexible hierarchical organizations and prefer friendly and team oriented work environments. Building team exercises and creating a sense of partnership can help build work culture and give them an opportunity to both socialize with their colleagues and work better.

Every team needs a captain. While that captain can be the manager or a selected staff member, it is crucial that the captain knows how to bring the members together and create favorable condition for a dynamic and motivating workspace wherever and whenever the event may be. The team manager should respect every member of the team and treat them accordingly. From dishwasher to owner, everyone deserves to be valued and treated well. Good managers will also be able to clean a table when need be or take over to help if a staff member is not doing well. He has the ability to be both above and with his team completely.

While working in a team may appear as more difficult than working on one’s own, it ensures better results and a smoother handling of accidents, unexpected issues, or last minute absences. Teams outperform individuals if they are working effectively and cohesively.


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