Hospitality businesses, and specifically caterers, rank among the highest in the industries to hire temp staff. Yet, managers continue to struggle in finding the right way to purposely and meaningfully connect their temp staff to the company as these employees are doomed to leave within a short period of time. Ubeya experts have investigated and are ready to show you why giving your temp staff a bit more attention can drastically change their performance and grow your business.

The source of the ‘issue’ with temp staff is their lack of loyalty and sense of belonging in the company. By definition, temporary staff work sporadically and for a short period of time without a regular schedule. With no meeting room, consistent hours, or office space, bridging the gap between managers and their staff can be a challenge. As a result, they can be distracted at work and do not perform to the best of their abilities. But to be honest, who can blame them? How can one connect to a company they work at for a few hours a week and with no true room for growth or long time employment?

Let’s fix this.

The truth is that temporary workers are godsend! They meet your needs at a lower cost than regular full time staff with benefits. From the employer’s perspective in the events industry, hiring temporary workers simply makes sense in many circumstances. They can staff up for a specific event without the price tag of healthcare or other benefit.

But less benefits should not mean no benefits.

In fact, mobile technology solutions have changed the playing field dramatically. With these applications, you can give your staff a virtual office keeping them connected to the company anywhere and anytime. The mobile app is more than a scheduling and management tool, but a way for staff to constantly feel connected to the business. As a result, valued temp staff will perform better on the job and feel empowered to succeed in an environment that values them and their time. Making your employees happier can also allow you, the manager, to let go of the tedious tasks and grow your business with a competent and loyal team.


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