Now that I have your attention, don’t think this article is about how awful millennials are and how to fix this problem. In fact, there are too many false stereotypes attached to the term “millennial” with the most famous one being that they are “job hoppers” and do not stick to a job for too long.

But the truth is, young people leave their job regardless of their generation!

The term ‘millennial’ refers to the age group born between the early 1980’s and the mid-1990’s. According to Wikipedia, this generation is marked by ‘an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies’, which in turn reflects a fast evolving society with new needs, norms and values. As a result, working with them can sometimes pose challenges for their managers due to inherent differences and misunderstandings. Here are four useful insights on what your millennial staff could be searching for in a work environment and could in turn strengthen their performance. 

1. Engagement 

Millennials want to feel included in the work of the company and be active contributors to its purpose. One of the greatest obstacles when working with millennials is boredom. By creating an engaged and cohesive work culture at each event, you will see drastic improvement in their attitudes on the job. In fact, most of them dislike inflexible hierarchical organizations and prefer friendly and team oriented work environments. Building team exercises and creating a sense of partnership can help build work culture and give them an opportunity to both socialize with their colleagues and work better.

2. Technology

Millennials are digital natives that have never lived without computers. While their common phone addiction can sometimes appear as an impediment from the eyes of the previous generation, it can also be used as an asset! As the most technologically adept yet, millennials don’t only work longer, but also stay connected and engaged when using their mobile devices. By using their main tool of communication, you can quickly and efficiently work with them. In fact, millennials would much rather schedule their shift or get work notifications with a few taps through an app than with a phone call. So forget the stress of waiting for an email confirmation or trying to read the scribbled handwriting on a clock-in sheet, and just give them what they want! (Why not Ubeya?!)

3. Room for Growth

One of the main fears of the millennial employee is not being able to see growth and being at point of standstill. They often search for new ways to learn and improve their skills and knowledge. A possible way to tackle this is by encouraging goal setting and development opportunities. Through participating in development programs and keeping track of the skills they are learning on the job, they can see what new skills they can acquire as well as future opportunities ahead. Possible strategies include promoting an employee to team captain or giving them new responsibilities. Enable your staff to make an impact and give them the tools to progress in their work and the company.

4. Recognition

Like anyone else, millennials want to be recognized for the work they do. Understanding your millennial employee can help you create a recognition program that rewards their accomplishments and good performance at the job. Another way to get your millennial employee to be more engaged is to check-in with them. Formal and informal check-ins are crucial to making sure your team is working well. Especially when working with hourly staff, your employees are most probably pursuing studies, passions and dreams while working in your company. By asking them questions and understanding that your new wave of staff is not like previous ones, you’ll start seeing a true business improvement.


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