Boost Productivity and Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed with work, now what?

Have you ever been overwhelmed? If you are like most business owners, the answer is a resounding yes.

Busy small business owners have two common options when faced with  a daunting task:

  • Trying to do it all at once, which will most likely leave you overwhelmed – impeding your ability to be productive.
  • Conversely, breaking a large task into a bunch of tiny elements can lead you to analysis paralysis and block your ability to move forward.

WWTD – What would Tony do?

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned Life and Business Coach. Millions have attended his events, participated in his workshops or read his best selling books. Oprah, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams and other impressive figures have all turned to Tony Robbins for advice.

Let’s turn to Tony Robbins for some time management advice. If you’ve already know him – rest assured: to improve your time management techniques and succeed in being more productive you do not need to walk across hot coals!

To overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and restore productivity, Robbins introduced and popularized a method that gets results:


By grouping tasks into manageable sized pieces, “chunking” allows us to accomplish more with less time for better time management. , Robbins explains “chunking ” is related to learning using the “rule of three.”  Three things are manageable for the mind to remember. Incorporating chunking will help your mind focus on manageable tasks paving the way for you to accomplish your goals.

Businesses owners that schedule staff for events have the added challenge of a constant cycle of regular deadlines related to staff scheduling for each event.

The to-do list for staff scheduling can seem daunting:

  • Check staff availability
  • Track responses to availability requests
  • Create record of booked staff for event
  • Communicate booked status to staff
  • Choose site manager
  • Notify site manager of booked staff
  • Confirmations from booked staff
  • Communicate event details to booked staff
  • Reminders
  • Track check-in /check-out
  • Calculate amount of hours worked
  • Prepare Payroll Reports
  • Rinse
  • Repeat

Executing all the tasks on this list can be overwhelming, requiring multiple lists, checking them (at least) twice and re-calculating with each new response. Keeping track of all the interconnected information can be very time-consuming and confusing.

Ubeya is system that includes web-based scheduling software that works with a free mobile app for staff that supercharges scheduling for event-driven businesses like caterers and event staffing agencies. Ubeya’s system for scheduling empowers its users to incorporate the principles of chunking to be more productive, better manage their time and do more with less as they schedule staff.

Chunk Scheduling

Check Availability

Using Ubeya, the person tasked with scheduling can easily assess availability without needing to look up anyone’s contact info, email or phone number and the software will automatically track and update staff availability for each scheduled event on the admin dashboard.

With Ubeya, you can pre-select staff from your database by searching your roster according to specific tags such as gender or geographic location. Once you select staff to see if they are available for a specific event – the system will send push notifications to the designated staff members’ smartphone and their responses will appear on the event dashboard along with any conflicts in their schedules.  You can send out availability checks for several events at once (even overlapping events) and let Ubeya track all the responses.

By providing a searchable staff database, an easy way to connect with staff and track responses, Ubeya makes it possible to “chunk” all tasks related to availability checks! 

Assigning Staff/Shifts 

Once you have left sufficient time for your staff to respond, return to the admin dashboard of the event to book staff who have confirmed their availability and assign them to particular shifts and/or positions.  Staff will be notified of their booked status instantly via push notifications to their mobile phones. You can easily book staff for multiple events in one sitting.

By providing users with an admin dashboard that organizes staff responses to availability checks, Ubeya makes it a breeze to assign available staff to shifts for each event, and confirm to staff when they’ve been booked to “chunk” booking staff. 

Calculate Payroll

Since Ubeya includes a mobile app, we have included a mobile feature to check-in and check-out via mobile, the hours worked are automatically logged and can be exported into your payroll system.   

Chunking payroll tasks is as easy as exporting a document.


Boost your productivity with time management tips from Tony Robbins and let Ubeya help you schedule and manage your staff, free you to scale and grow your business.


Please Note: We are not associated with Tony Robbins in any way, but we are pretty sure he’d love our interpretation of chunking and tell all you to stop making excuses and just start the work!!!

Scheduling is only the beginning!

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