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Events & Staffing

How Firefly Team Events Used Ubeya to Expand Nationwide During a Worldwide Pandemic

"Ubeya gives us a major competitive edge against our competition.” Firefly used these methods to evolve their company...

workforce management

Why Employers Today Are Hiring More Temp Staff Than Full-Time Employees

In the post-Covid-19 economy of high unemployment and costly staffing operations, this is why more companies today...

Gender Bias

The Gender Employment Gap During Covid-19

Valuable insights into the labor market show a disparity between male and female job experiences with shift-based...

employee scheduling

5 Strategies to Improve Your Employee Scheduling Software

Employee management comes with many challenges that can be improved by employee scheduling tools. Here are 5...


Looking For On Demand Work During Covid-19?

These companies across the US are looking to hire workers who have been displaced due to the coronavirus situation. See...


List Of Canceled & Postponed Events Since The Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated list of events in the United States and worldwide canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

Events & Staffing

How Covid-19 is Affecting Events & Staffing Businesses

How are businesses affected by COVID-19? View list of canceled events and learn how your business can take measures to...

catering tips

How To Leverage Software For Your Catering Business

Any successful catering company should understand how to leverage the benefits of using catering software to manage...

catering tips

How Many Catering Staff Do I Need?

How many catering staff do you need? Whether you're preparing for a banquet hall feast, a wedding or your neighbor's...

press release

[Press Release] Ubeya raises $3.5M to simplify the process of finding, connecting and managing hourly staff

Funding was led by ICV VC and joined by Cornerstone, the leading global people development company. The platform is...

Industry Deals

Black Friday Deals for Hospitality, Events and Catering

Here’s what you need to know about Black Friday deals for events and catering. Get inspired by these great Black Friday...

employee engagement

Stop Making These 5 Major Staff Management Mistakes

You’re probably making at least one of these major management mistakes. Here’s how to avoid them.

ab-5 bill

Worker vs. Employee — The New Limit On The Gig Economy

California passes a new labor bill that stands to affect businesses built on the foundation of the gig economy. Read...

employee engagement

Top Ideas To Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week and Engage Your Staff

The top ideas to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week and engage your staff. It’s time to celebrate your greatest...

employee engagement

How Much Are Your Disengaged Employees Costing Your Business?

If your employees are not engaged (like most U.S. workers) then this could be costing your business a lot more than you...

employee engagement

Labor Day 2019: A Celebration of the American Worker

7 Tips for Businesses to Improve Workers’ Experience - read more here

employee communication

Employee Communication App — 5 Key Points to Keep Your Eye On

Integrating the right communications strategy into your team and business operations can play a critical role in...

business tips

The 5 Most Common Events & Catering Complaints

What could your customers be saying about your catering business? Here are the 5 most common complaints for events and...

event staffing

Event Staff Job Description & Template

The critical components of event staff job description and requirements. Use our event staff description template.

business tips

Confessions of a Catering Company: Success 101

While we’ve built our business on these strong foundations, we’ve learned some fundamental points throughout the years...

catering tips

How To Answer The Top 10 Catering Interview Questions

So you’re applying for a job in the catering industry, are you? Here are the top 10 catering interview questions - and...

employee management

10 ‘The Office’ memes that all managers will find hilarious and way-too-real

You’ll find it hard not to laugh — and relate — to these 10 too-true staffing and scheduling memes from ‘The Office’.

employee time tracking

Is It Time To Go Back To The Time Clock?

Should companies be required to track their employees’ working hours? A recent ruling by the EU’s top court has decided...

business tips

How To Start a Staffing Agency — And Stay Alive

Let’s start with 5 must-know facts about temp staffing agencies - read more:

app for catering and events

Platform For SaaS Reviews Honors Ubeya With Rising Star Award For Time Management Software

FinancesOnline reviews Ubeya's staff management software and mobile app for hourly employees. Here are the highlights...


Ubeya Highlights from Catersource 2019

Another unforgettable Catersource experience has exceeded our expectations and left our palates craving more - here's...

employee ghosting

5 Tips On How To Prevent Staff From Ghosting Shifts

When working with temporary or hourly staff, one of the biggest headaches managers have to deal with is employees who...

employee scheduling software

Get Inspired: Women Dominating the Event Industry

Like many other career paths, the event industry has been, for a long time, a male-dominated scene. Where are all the...

employee scheduling

12 Ways A Mobile Scheduling App Will Help You Connect to Your Staff

12 Ways a Mobile Scheduling App will Help you Connect to your Staff


3,200 Pounds of Filet Mignon — The Governors Ball By The Numbers

The Governors Ball was produced by an experienced catering company and event producer. Here is their ultimate insider...

communication strategy

Why Keeping Staff Engaged is Good Business

6 ways workforce management software can improve staff experience and improve your bottom line


Raise the Bar on Your Event Business

As a busy caterer or event management professional you have three major responsibilities in regards to staff: