It’s no surprise to anybody to hear that job in the events and catering industry are voted as being amongst some of the most stressful in the world.

Yes, it can be rewarding. But sometimes the amount of work put into business operations, staff management and client engagement can feel endless.

When you do good, you deserve to be praised.

When there are complaints — well, we think that you want to know what your customers and clients could be saying about your business in order to avoid common mistakes.

Here are the 5 most common complaints for events and catering companies:


“The food just isn’t prepared well.”

This may sound like an obvious customer complaint to have, but that is what makes it so common. Food is one of the most important aspects your event should exceed in.

If your customers are complaining about your food, what else do you really have to offer them?

It will be very hard to convince anybody your business did a good job when customers are not satisfied with the food production. Have the sauces been sitting out in the sun all day? Are the hot dishes already lukewarm? Are the salads damp?


“The staff are not well trained.”

This can feel like a drastic complaint, because the people you hire and the employees working for you are the faces representing your business. If they are not doing a good job, it gives your business the appearance of being haphazard or unreliable.

It is common for people to complain about lack of skill among catering or event staff, or lack of general service attributes like friendliness, ability to deal with arising issues and cleanliness.

Thankfully, this complaint can be easily avoided.

Take the right measures ahead of time. Spend the time to find and hire the right staff. Make sure you feel comfortable relying on them and that your staff management operations are flowing well.


“The presentation isn’t on point.”

A lacking presentation can actually have a bigger effect than would first appear. (Appearances can be deceiving — but not in this case.)

The presentation is actually an extremely important part of any event. Even if the food was delicious and the service delightful, if the overall presentation seems to be haphazard, then the general atmosphere can go downhill.

The experience itself loses a bit of its touch — and its taste.


“The quantities are all wrong.”

Either way, you can be in the wrong.

If there is too much food, there can be a large remaining surplus. If the client is paying for it, then you may have an aggravated customer.

But if there is insufficient food or drink — that’s even worse. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with hangry (hungry + angry) customers.

A good company will plan ahead, take proportions and measurements into consideration and know how to properly build an inventory.


“The payment was unclear.”

Remember in Friends when Monica and Phoebe finish their catering service and have to (very awkwardly) probe the client to get their well-deserved payment?

No one likes to be put into an uncomfortable position when it comes to money. You should be fully transparent with your client about the pricing and payment method.

Make sure there is a contract and a full understanding of how much and how the payment method will take place. The clearer your interaction with the client is before and after the event, the less of a chance there will be an issue concerning pay.


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