Communication is key — the foundation of any thriving interaction.

Communication within the business framework is more important than ever in an economy shifted by dynamic schedules, on the go flexibility and an environment so fast paced it can seem hard to keep up.

The employment of the mobile app to streamline workforce communication and efficiency is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses who understand the convenience and simplicity of workforce apps like Ubeya and their strong ability to meet their essential business needs.

Businesses that don’t or are unable to communicate properly and frequently with employees will find themselves paying the price — with low retention and high turnover rates.

Integrating the right communications strategy into your team and business operations can play a critical role in helping your company thrive. Here are the 5 key points:

1. Instant private chats

Communicating with individual team members should be the least of any company’s challenges.

Your employee communication app will need to enable the initiation of a private chat between anyone: employees with coworkers, with team leaders, manager, employers, etc.

Both sides of the wheel need to be taken into consideration, and many times softwares will focus on only one. Both employee-to-employee and employer-to-employee communication are vital parts to making the machine run smoothly. A great tool is one that encompasses and emphasizes both.

2. Custom channels

Your manager needs to notify the team about a change in policy? Your onsite captain wants to broadcast information about the project?

An efficient communication tool will allow you to create group channels and build custom conversations across your business — whether it’s around a team, project, job, client, or any other group your company style accommodates generally.

3. Share essential information

As any organization knows from experience, important information comes in many shapes and forms. Work documents, photos, lists, attachments — this type of communication needs to be incorporated into the day to day tool used by your company.

The ability to share files and photos directly through your mobile device to that of your employees in one organized location is one of the greatest advantages to the employee communication tool.

When both employees and employers are able to immediately access essential materials and have them recorded in a single database, the work flow becomes more efficient and transparent.

4. Stay updated

A fully encompassing employee communication solution is one that can reach employees via their mobile phone with push notifications.

Push notification allow you to send updates and reminders directly to your employees’ mobile phones. Employers are notified when employees have accepted and confirmed the notification.

This type of feature is critical for keeping all team members in the loop and instantly notified of any changes. In today’s day and age and the technology at hand, there is no need to go chasing down individual employees to make sure the message was received.

5. Connect on the go

The most basic criteria for your employee communication app is that the software is tailored to businesses on the go. This is essential for connecting employees who do not have regular access to desktop computers, emails or other forms of stationary communication — remote workers, contracted employees, temps, freelancers, etc.

You no longer need to be in front of a PC screen, or with your ear pressed to the phone, to know where your team is, who is working and where they are.

As the industry curves in the direction of this type of workforce, an employee app for communication and workforce management is an easy way to incorporate workforce information and tools into one accessible platform to promote organization, efficiency and engagement.

Ubeya is the all-in-one employee communication app and workforce management platform for employees and employers.