Where are all the girls at?!

Like many other career paths, the event industry has been, for a long time, a male-dominated scene.

At the foundation, there is an arguably strong female presence — the majority of events management course graduates are women.

However, whatever the deterring factors, there is still a huge disparity in the number of women who have successfully penetrated the upper ranks of executive management; women are less likely to be optioned to speak at key events; and still, the female population is significantly underrepresented in the tech sector, even though the percentage of women in the US workforce has surpassed more than 50%.

Where are all the women managers? Where are all the women speakers and tech innovators?

Around the world and across history, women have imagined and reimagined their ideas, have honed and developed their skills, defying all social and gentrifying norms.

Did you know that Cleopatra is the world’s first known event planner? The Egyptian queen hosted elaborate and exquisite meetings, conferences, and parties with the intention of impressing her allies (and sometimes lovers.)

Of course, the events industry is ever-changing and constantly evolving. With the advancement of technology, the approach toward event planning, managing and innovating has advanced as well.

One of Cleopatra’s greatest issues in her eventing campaign was limited communication (contacting guests had to be done through hand delivered messages); today’s digital transformation has enabled managers and employers to deliver maximum impact. With a single interface for staff management solution, Ubeya upgrades the manner in which people can plan, host and manage their events.

Maya Lieber, VP Sales & Marketing

Meet the Women of Ubeya

Whether working in sales, marketing, human resources, graphic design, content writing, app development input, or collaborating on ideas, the women of Ubeya are strategic assets for ensuring the company’s success and business growth. In fact, more than 50% of the Ubeya team members are female.

Meet Maya Lieber, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ubeya. Maya is currently celebrating one year at her position at Ubeya — and looking forward to progressing with the company as it grows and evolves.

With a degree in Computer Science and Management, Maya is an expert when it comes to the Ubeya software and app.

“One of my favorite feelings is when we get immediate feedback from new clients who implement Ubeya and they express how seamlessly it went through, how their staff is loving it and how it streamlined their business in an instant. I just love it when they say: Where have you been all this time?”

- Maya Lieber, VP of Sales & Marketing at Ubeya

If we want to grasp the essence of the events world and its clientele, we need a workforce that is reflective of the audience. The event industry is keenly aware of the need to have and represent more women in all event-related positions:

Innovation Women is a platform founded for women, by women, connecting event managers with potential female speakers and panelists in order to provide entrepreneurial women with greater opportunities to appear in their field of expertise. Representing women in the event technology sector are Leonora Valvo and Marie-Claire Andrews, the founders of the movement Women in Event Tech whose ultimate goal is to support and connect between female entrepreneurs and trailblazers working in event technology. For women in all of the various events-related fields, the Association for Women in Events (AWE) is an inclusive membership-based community designed to bring professional women together to find mentors, resources, solutions and opportunities for growth.

Like your friends at Ubeya, these professionals are constantly questioning, challenging and bringing new ideas to life within the event and tech industry — and through doing so, are empowering women managers, entrepreneurs, creatives and staff everywhere.



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