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Events & Staffing

How Firefly Team Events Used Ubeya to Expand Nationwide During a Worldwide Pandemic

"Ubeya gives us a major competitive edge against our competition.” Firefly used these methods to evolve their company...

workforce management

Why Employers Today Are Hiring More Temp Staff Than Full-Time Employees

In the post-Covid-19 economy of high unemployment and costly staffing operations, this is why more companies today...

Gender Bias

The Gender Employment Gap During Covid-19

Valuable insights into the labor market show a disparity between male and female job experiences with shift-based...

employee scheduling

5 Strategies to Improve Your Employee Scheduling Software

Employee management comes with many challenges that can be improved by employee scheduling tools. Here are 5...


Looking For On Demand Work During Covid-19?

These companies across the US are looking to hire workers who have been displaced due to the coronavirus situation. See...


List Of Canceled & Postponed Events Since The Coronavirus Outbreak

Updated list of events in the United States and worldwide canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

Events & Staffing

How Covid-19 is Affecting Events & Staffing Businesses

How are businesses affected by COVID-19? View list of canceled events and learn how your business can take measures to...

catering tips

How To Leverage Software For Your Catering Business

Any successful catering company should understand how to leverage the benefits of using catering software to manage...

catering tips

How Many Catering Staff Do I Need?

How many catering staff do you need? Whether you're preparing for a banquet hall feast, a wedding or your neighbor's...